Microsoft is pausing Xbox Design Lab

The lab will be paused on October 14th before Series X unwrapping.

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On October 14th, Microsoft is temporarily closing down its Xbox Design Lab in October. In case you have plans to design your very own Xbox controller in front of the November tenth release of the Xbox Series S and X, then you should act quickly.

In 2016’s Announced back, Xbox Design Lab carries a lot of personal flair and flexibility to the Xbox One controller. you approach more than 40 diverse shading choices For $80 for the different pieces of the controller, signifying over a million unique combinations in total.

A few years back, one planned a controller for a dear companion and was astounded how much customization on an individual could do; it didn’t feel like an individual was simply making another shading variation, however a really remarkable customized item. This companion cherished it, revealing that they thought I’d purchased an uncommon controller on the web.

However, beginning October 14th until at some point in 2021, Microsoft says that the service will be disconnected briefly so that they can present to you a few updates. The company didn’t state why or precisely when in 2021 the service will be back on the web, but all things considered, Microsoft is getting ready to grow the support of include features of customization for the new Xbox controller.  

Different than PS5’s DualSense controller that wanders away from the DualShock series design in terms of color or design scheme, the latest Xbox Series S and X controller includes and has a quite recognizable design. Microsoft says that the shape and size of the controller shape have been refined to oblige a much more extensive scope of individuals that makes it marginally smaller than its predecessor. The new Xbox controller additionally carries an upgraded dedicated share and D-Pad button.

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Microsoft is pausing Xbox Design Lab

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